Ludovico Forace

Ludovico Forace

Senior Software Engineer (Fullstack / Frontend Lead)

As a senior fullstack developer and frontend lead with 8+ years of experience, I develop agile software solutions for diverse industries. I adapt quickly to changing environments and have worked with both large companies and startups.

My commercial experience in HealthTech, Scientific Research, Retail, Logistics, Civil Engineering, and Marketing industries gives me an extensive breadth of knowledge. I implement AWS-based solutions, Microservice Architecture using TypeScript, JavaScript, React, Node, Redux, Jest, React Testing Library, Styled Components and CSS preprocessors.

I excel at testing and geospatial software development. I have experience working in DevOps environments and with continuous integration and deployment practices.

My experience working within the checkout squad of the former biggest UK fashion retailer has given me a deep understanding of how technology can be used to improve and integrate the checkout process with payment systems such as Klarna, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, and taught me the importance of monitoring e-commerce websites used by millions of users.

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    I prioritize delivering software solutions aligned with business objectives, making pragmatic decisions to balance competing priorities and ensure high-quality work. I'm adaptable, willing to pivot strategies to achieve desired outcomes.

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    I take pride in my work and approach software development as a craft. I pay attention to detail and strive for excellence in every aspect of the development process. I focus on creating clean and maintainable code, and I am always seeking to improve my skills and knowledge. I am dedicated to delivering software solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and user satisfaction.

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    I thrive in fast-paced, collaborative environments and can quickly adapt to changing requirements and priorities. I excel at breaking down large projects into smaller, manageable pieces and delivering high-quality work within tight deadlines. Using Agile methodologies and related tools, I work efficiently and consistently deliver results that meet the needs of stakeholders.

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    I excel at communicating technical information to both technical and non-technical stakeholders. I have experience collaborating with cross-functional teams and presenting technical solutions to stakeholders. I am skilled at creating technical documentation and have experience working with distributed teams.

  • Rob Thompson

    Rob Thompson

    CTO @ Hurdle

    I hired Ludo to join the Chronomics team as one of the first 10 engineers and he brought great skills and knowledge to the squads in a fast paced startup environment. He would be a asset to any company.

  • Hubert Hynowski

    Hubert Hynowski

    Account Director @ The Craft by Agent3

    I've worked with Ludovico regularly over the course of a year back in 2015 and can honestly recommend him. He's a great software developer who can create pixel perfect LPs and emails inc. doing own Litmus testing and is well versed in Agile. He is used to fast-paced, marketing agency style client delivery, is a good communicator and is generally super-easy to work with, and a good character to have in the office. He'll be an asset to any team.